Truck Home Brings Down the House – Literally!

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Some buildings are leveled by explosives. This old house comes down with a few yanks from a 1979 Ford dually.

Ford trucks are known for being hard workers. The automaker says it itself: “We own work.” Typically, Ford F-150s and Super Dutys are shown hauling lumber or towing heavy machinery. The common theme is that Ford trucks help build things. It’s no exaggeration. Ford trucks are responsible for the construction of things ranging from homes to highways. The Ford truck in this video from Youtube user Cole Bishop doesn’t build. It destroys.

An old house needs to be razed to the ground. Bishop doesn’t say exactly why and doesn’t explain why he was chosen for the job, but none of that really matters, anyway. The important facts are that Bishop got the gig and he brought his 1979 dump truck dually. Like the house, it’s got a lot of years on it. However, after the dust settles, the old Ford will still be standing. Truck Home Pulls House Down

Bishop starts at the front of the house with a chain connecting his truck to the doomed structure. With a healthy amount of throttle, Bishop pulls away a corner and a window. A subsequent tug doesn’t lead to any substantial breakaways. Another try results in Bishop tearing the entire front of the building down.

He eventually moves to another corner. At first, Bishop’s efforts to reduce it to rubble only end up rattling the house. He persists. With the next pull, the bottom slips out, causing one half of the outer wall to fall forward. That brings the roof crashing down with it, which makes one of the side walls come down. Just to make sure the forgotten home is as flat as possible, Cole gives it one more yank. As destructive as it may be, it’s still work – and a Ford truck does it.

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